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In building this site, I am hoping to find ways to help people as they navigate their post trauma lives. My goal is to try to minimize obstacles I have faces while trying to recover so other people do not have to face them as well. 

I have set some pretty big goals for what I would like to accomplish, but it is not easy as I am still struggling with my own PTSD. 

I have set up a Patreon and Ko-Fi page for anyone who would like to contribute some money. Anything would be greatly appreciated and will allow me to put more time and energy into building this site. 

Other ways to Support this Site

My ultimate goal for building this site is for people with PTSD to find the help and support they need. Everyone's recovery from trauma looks different, and one of the best ways you can support this site is to recommend resources or to provide input in what would help you. I hope that this can eventually become a space where people can talk openly about their trauma and recovery and feel like they are not alone  

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